big ⋆ dumb ⋆ kinda zesty

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my name is joel, i'm 24, and my brain might be empty but my heart sure is full

i'm a freelance artist who is infamous for laughing at everything. i have a wonderful partner named wing, a greencheek conure named peeko, and a cat named ruby.

i think robots are handsome and i would kiss one if given the chance

things i think are cool

  • weather & stormchasing

  • ffxiv

  • gundam

  • undertale

  • himbos

  • earthbound

  • the adventure zone

  • my hero academia

  • robots

  • big zam

things i do that i think are cool

  • digital art

  • roleplaying

  • character design

  • gunpla

  • collecting tamagotchis

youtubers & streamers i think are cool

  • pecos hank

  • supermega

  • markiplier & crankgameplays

  • critikal

  • cold ones

current art loadout

  • 12.9 in. ipad pro 2020 w/ apple pencil 2

  • clip studio paint

  • palm rejection tablet glove

  • photoshop cc (for polishing, lettering, etc.)

big zam

big zam